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Fixing an Air Conditioner


NPS Sixteen Unit Replacement

Project Description:

CincoVega, Inc directed the replacing of 9 HVAC Units to be more energy efficient for the Martin Luther King, Jr. NHP.

The end product provided adequate heating, cooling, and humidity control to achieve tenants comfort, building pressurization, preservation of historic artifacts, etc.

Scope of Work Summary:

• Condenser unit
• Evaporator Coil
• Furnace
• Refrigerant
• Electrical(if necessary)
• Piping(if necessary)
• Duct work (if necessary)
• Condenser pad

• New Energy Efficient Condenser unit
• New Energy Efficient Evaporator Coil
• New Energy Efficient Furnace
• Add Refrigerant as needed
• Electrical (if necessary)
• Piping (if necessary)
• Duct work (if necessary)
• New Condenser pad (if necessary)

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