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Environmental Remediation

CincoVega strives to provide the best solution for our customers, especially in regards to Environmental Remediation. We offer the most innovative and green technology available in the marketplace when it comes to asbestos/lead/mold abatement, demolition, restoration, facility maintenance, or emergency response/major catastrophies.

Asbestos Removal

With the aid of FoamShield™, this patented asbestos removal process using foam drastically reduces the risk of asbestos fibers becoming airborne. This in turn means that there are no airborne fibers in the worker's breathing zone, nor is there airborne contamination to be controlled for the protection of the owner's facility or the environment. First, protection of the worker is of paramount importance in asbestos removal. Secondly, would be the protection of the public and the environment, and third, would be minimizing the cost associated in accomplishing the first two objectives. The FoamShield™ process accomplishes all three objectives in ways that are far superior to conventional asbestos abatement procedures. It is the only procedure that is always pro-active in these respects, not reactive as the conventional, traditional containment and worker protection methods.



In the demolition process CincoVega ensures the safest and most cost effective ways to get the job done. The safest and most cost effective way to demolish a building containing Category I and many Category II ACMs is to demolish the structure with the ACM in place. This eliminates the potential for worker exposure during hands-on removal of ACM, and the cost associated with that removal before demolition. The FoamShield™ procedure of foaming both the interior and exterior of the building before demolition, and the use of foam during the demolition procedure effectively eliminates the potential for release of asbestos fibers into the ambient air. Since the volume of water necessary to adequately wet most demolition projects is greatly minimized using the foam, it avoids any contaminated water leaking away from the site.



A restoration project dealing with the removal of damaged ceiling, wall, and flooring materials are suspect to contain asbestos and other harmful substances. In most cases these events come up in a moment's notice and the application of FoamShield™ effectively stops the possibility of environmental hazards becoming airborne. Our restoration is guaranteed to be the safest and most efficient way possible.


Facility Maintenance

Facility maintenance work can consist of replacing broken floor tiles, mounting smoke detectors in ceilings, cutting outlets in walls, etc. Any of these processes may expose the hazardous materials. Our process in doing these types of maintenance ensures that no one will be in contact with these harmful substances. It is better to contain the materials before they are exposed and become airborne.


Emergency Response / Major Catastrophe

A catastrophe incident may contain asbestos materials, but they are also subject to other hazards such as biological or radiation concerns. CincoVega is capable of handling the clean-up process, and can control these unsafe materials. The product used will create a protective barrier between the debris and workers. Water consumption is minimized and the public and environment is protected.

Experience / Performance

Center for Disease Control

Job Value: $882,293.03
Project Location: Atlanta, GA
Work Performed: Replace membrane roof 

(Lead Base paint abated from chillers)

Board of Regents – University System of Georgia

Job Value: $917,790.49

Multi-Institution Abestos and Hazardous Materials Abatement

Fort Valley University, ABAC, and Albany State University 

Contract #: BR-97-1701


NPS – MLK Jr. Visitor Center

Job Value: $229,068.98

Mold Remediation

Contract #: P17PC00480

USCG – Key West Sector

Job Value: $129,389.00

Hurricane Irma Mold Mitigation

Contract #: HSCG84-17-C-7CHA15


USCG – Vessel’s 45603, 45681, 45714, 45724, & BlueFinn

Job Value: $26,548.68

Lead & Insulation Extraction & Replacement



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